I would like to invite you to the ‘Paintings’ exhibition showcasing my personal paintings as well as artwork created by other Tottenham-based artists who have been attending my art classes over the two year.

I started my adventure as an art tutor three years ago. First as a volunteer tutor at a life drawing class, then as a watercolour teacher working for Tottenham Art classes.
Encouraged by my friend I started to run my own art classes in Tottenham: the Portrait drawing class and the Art of Colour painting class were held at in T.Chances until recently.
I now hold two drop-in classes – ‘Painting in watercolour’ and ‘Drawing and Painting’ – in The Engine Room at Tottenham Hale.

The classes attract a great variety of people as all are welcome from beginners to more experienced/practising artists. It is a great opportunity for all the students and also myself to meet interesting people and inspiring fellow artists. Regular students have become friends and enjoy working with me to discover new techniques and explore various subjects such as as portraiture, landscape, still lifes etc. We work in watercolour, acrylic, pastels, ink and other medias.

As a group we all are passionate about the creative process. Though we work seriously and mostly quietly during class, we enjoy socialising during breaks or after the class.
I have really enjoyed teaching the classes and making new friends and I look forward to continuing and seeing everyone progress in their art in the future.

I hope to see you at our exhibition and perhaps, if you are inspired, at my classes later.

Exhibiting artists:

Susan Tye
Claire Lauder
Lesley Regan Ratcliff Lee
Caroline Rault
Angela Hormoz
Ann Thompson
Marie – Pierre Crozet
Michael Kirosingh
Maria Clara Chorley
Jan Horrox
Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka


I’m sorry but there is no watercolour class on Thursday 31st May due to half term. I will run Wednesday’s ‘Painting & drawing class on Wednesday 30th May though. If you guys are free lets meet there. Start at 7pm at The Engine Room.

Next watercolour class will be held on Thursday 7th June. More info on my Facebook page – Joanna Pilarczyk Art

I decided to record my painting process while working on a watercolour painting. I got inspired my the mood of TV show ‘The Alienist’ and thought that would be great to capture one of the scenes. Hope you will enjoy watching it:)

Look forward to record more in the future.


Some pictures from last few Painting and drawing class which I started to run few weeks ago. Students have chance to work in a various techniques as acrylic, watercolour, ink and pastels. Despite that I prepare a different subject to work on every week, some artist can follow their path and focus only on their area of interest. I am happy to guide beginners and help with some tips to other, more advanced artists.

These are some beautiful paintings made recently by students at watercolour class.

I’m very pleased to see such a great progress.


Dear artist, I would like to invite you to the exhibition ‘Art of colour’ which will be held at Craving coffee in September. Everyone who has been attending to my art classes over last two years is very welcome to take  a part in this group show and exhibit their best pieces.

I’m very sorry to inform you that Art of colour – painting class is closed due to a radical changes in T.Chances building which recently was shout down.

I will start with a new Painting & drawing class in The Engine Room from 4th April. This drop- in class will be suitable for beginners and more advanced artist.


There are some photos from last few watercolour sessions in The Engine Room. From last week the class is held in a bigger room, we are very happy about it as the space is very nice. Recently we have been practise how to paint seaside landscape by using various texture, city landscape with French architecture and last week we had an introduction to portraiture. The students were practise working in values of two colours by creating a portrait. On Thursday 15th I will explain how to create a natural looking skin tone.

There are some pictures from last watercolour class which started in January at The Engine Room in Hale Village.

I decided to finish running Portrait drawing class in T.Chances due to my work and other plans. Hopefully I will restart the drawing classes in few months.

In the meantime I would love to invite everyone to ‘Art of colour’ -painting class which is held on Wednesdays in the evening in T.Chances and to ‘Painting in watercolour’ class on Thursdays in the morning which is taking place in The Engine Room, Tottenham Hale.